March 9, 2019

Make a Donation

Since 2006, the Community Gospel Choir of St. Louis has been uniting our community through the performance of Gospel music. Each choir member gives time, talents and a yearly monetary donation to the choir to help further our mission.

While the choir is not performing live due to COVID-19, we are meeting and performing virtually.  In the last year, we have had a virtual Christmas concert and are planning a Spring virtual concert on June 5.  

While we are exercising fiscal constraint, we still have financial obligations (salaries, space rental, music, etc.)  To help meet these financial obligations, the choir invites individuals, groups, companies, and organizations to support our mission. 

How to donate

  • Send a check made payable to “Community Gospel Choir” and mail to:

9030 Clayton Rd
St. Louis, MO, 63117

  • Or make your donation online


The Community Gospel Choir is a 501(c)(3) charity and your donations will be structured as a qualified charitable donation according to IRS guidelines. 

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